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Argo is a Multi Awarded Private Investigation Agency headquartered in London, Milan, Rome, with strategic resources on the ground throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia licensed by the Government, certified for Quality System Management (ISO 9001) and for Information Security (ISO 27001) founded in 1989 by four Army & Police Officers.

Although they still are the Leading Investigators, today Argo is a Joint Stock Company composed of a team of Male and Female Private Investigators and Detective carefully selected with tests designed to evaluate specific characteristics essential to carry out the profession ensuring high performance. There are very few situations that we haven’t seen before.

We adhere to the highest investigative standards and maintain a commitment to an exhaustive yet focused and ethical approach to all of our engagements. Argo professionals are comprised of highly talented and seasoned experts from around the globe with backgrounds in a diverse and wide array of disciplines, including intelligence, special operations, corporate security, law enforcement, government & historical archives and litigation.

Argo is a member of the most authoritative and historical worldwide associations in the sector. The acquisition of the most innovative certifications in Investigation Sciences and our huge investments in the Research and Development contribute to the success of our Detective Agency

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International reference standard for the management of the quality system, which provides the procedures and organization necessary to monitor and improve the performance of the services provided to the customer in the field of private investigations.

W.A.D Member

World Association of Detectives, founded in 1925, is the oldest and largest association of private investigators of its kind in the world. It is responsible for promoting cooperation between its members and maintaining the behavioral ethics of the category.

ISO 27001

International standard subject to verification and certifiable that defines the requirements for an information security management system (ISMS). The certification guarantees the absolute confidentiality of the data used by the private investigator.


The data protection officer is an expert in data protection, whose task is to evaluate and organize the management of the processing of personal data, and therefore their protection, within companies, organizations or associations, so that they are processed. in a lawful and relevant manner.

Federpol Member

Italian Federation of Investigative, Information and Security Institutes, established in 1957 by a group of Private Investigators and today a leading trade association and undisputed point of reference for all Private Investigators in Italy, collecting over 1000 members


National Observatory for Investigations, Security and Forensic Sciences was created with the aim of being the point of contact between the world of private investigations, security and forensic disciplines with reference institutions.

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London HQ

Investigation Agency

60, St. Martin’s Ln, Covent Garden, London

Tel 24/7: +44 2081878443

Milano HQ

Argo Investigazioni

Via San Pietro all’Orto 9, 20121 Milano

Tel H24: 800 800 070

Rome HQ

Argo Investigazioni

Via dei Gracchi 32, 00192 – Roma

Tel H24: 800 800 070

Torino HQ

Argo Investigazioni

Via Legnano 27, 10128 Torino TO

Tel H24: 800 800 070

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Certified Investigation Agency for Quality System Management (ISO 9001) and Information Security Management (ISO 27001)

Protocol Investigation License No. 46633 / Area | TER O.S.P.

PEC: argosrl3@legalmail.it

VAT 15137521009 

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TEL H24 : ROMA : +39 0639738131 MILANO : +39 0280897079 TORINO : +39 0110252907 LONDON : +44 2039633002 TEL H24 : ROMA : +39 0639738131 MILANO : +39 0280897079 TORINO : +39 0110252907 LONDON : +44 2039633002 TEL H24 : ROMA : +39 0639738131 MILANO : +39 0280897079 TORINO : +39 0110252907 LONDON : +44 2039633002 TEL H24 : ROMA : +39 0639738131 MILANO : +39 0280897079 TORINO : +39 0110252907 LONDON : +44 2039633002