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Cyber Security & Bug Sweeping




We sweep all office types & sizes. If a recording device is hiding inside your Corporate Premises, our discreet Detectives will find it.


Our experts in Surveillance Technology will search your home for any devices, discreetly & respectfully without damaging any possessions.



Argo Cyber is able to detect the correct status of the customer’s IT infrastructure and to lead him to adopt a process that will enable him to have a safe and efficient structure over time, drawing maximum benefit from the available tools. Argo Cyber helps your company protect itself from unauthorized access to your databases and uncover any flaws in the security system of your IT infrastructure.


Vulnerability Assessment Investigation is used to designate those activities that involve the execution of automated and semi-automated scans, in order to detect the effectiveness of security systems, identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities within the analyzed IT infrastructure. These activities for the security of networks and business data, offer an assessment of the risks to which the structure is exposed in particular this procedure allows to obtain a list of vulnerabilities more immediately identifiable (software vulnerabilities, default passwords, etc.) in order to remedy them by prioritising them and structuring corrective interventions in a relatively short time unit.

Summing up, therefore, the Vulnerability Assessment Investigation is an activity that analyzes the security status of the customer’s computer systems to identify the weaknesses (potential inputs for intruders) present in the company’s IT infrastructure.


The Penetration Test allows, instead, to know how the company’s infrastructure has been violated, in order to remedy it by acting on all the components exploited by the attacker (networks, systems, applications, people, processes, physical locations, etc.) Through reproductions, simulate the attacks suffered by the damaged thus testing their own structure to strengthen it, preventing further similar attacks in the future. It’s then the next step to Vulnerability Assessment and involves the simulation of real attempts

Vulnerability Assessment & The Penetration Test, therefore, contribute, each in its own measure, to outline a picture of the real state of security when specific tests are carried out in the following areas: Network/Infrastructure: Wired, wireless, server and endpoint security level verification in accordance with ISECOM’s OSSTMM methodology, Application (Verification of the security level of business applications in accordance with the established methodology in the international scientific community and summarised within the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)),

Endpoint Protection Assessment: Verify the effectiveness of endpoint protection systems through custom tests for your business infrastructure


Argo Investigations provides Full Bug Sweeping Services, using high-level professional equipment. Always careful to best interpret the needs of customers, the detective agency always offers accurate and precise services, able to respond to even the most specific needs.
Trust our team with confidence: you will find highly qualified experts, willing to put all their experience at your complete service.


Companies today cannot fail to take into account the now exponential growth of the risks associated with information and the telematic infrastructures that manage them.

Argo Investigations can boast expert collaborators in the IT sector with whom to analyze any problem concerning IT security from private individuals to professionals, from small businesses to multinationals that require a targeted and competent service.

IT espionage and IT privacy

Industrial espionage, piracy, violation of privacy, sabotage: these are the main cyber threats with which one must necessarily confront.

Our service, unique in its kind for completeness and reliability, is the ideal solution to manage these critical issues: IT security is what you need.

Remember to always contact us from appliances outside the premises you want to secure.



Environmental Bug Sweping is essential in order to protect company information or one’s privacy from espionage.

Argo investigations is able to check for the presence of unauthorized electronic devices such as bugs or spy software.

These services are carried out by highly qualified personnel with advanced technological tools, which identify the signals emitted by bugs or similar equipment.

The awareness of what to look for arises not only from the suspicion that there is an espionage system in that area to be reclaimed but is formed by the technical-cultural background and the field experience perfected by basic training and updating. This is an area in constant evolution: technological progress has a decisive influence on the use of new attack and defense systems.

Precisely for these reasons, our agency invests a large part of its resources for development and continuous updating, in order to be considered a leader in the environmental remediation sector.

The role of the private investigator is decisive: Customers turn to our detective agency to resolve doubts about the existence of bugs in the company and / or in the home, car. Responding adequately and professionally is the first step in solving the problem

The theme of Environmental Remediation should be divided into two aspects:

Technical aspect: which develops in the knowledge of attack technologies and in the practical methodologies of installing the instrument,

to measure and flush out. A good remediation service is able to proceed with “reverse engineering”, identifying the system applied for the collection of information, the theft of copies of documents, the fraudulent learning of know-how.

Investigative aspect: lies in the motivation of the attack and the “who has an interest in what”, the “how” the information stolen through the electronic espionage system can be used and last but not least, the use of the information obtained with the environmental remediation operation, how to mitigate information leakage losses, how to restore the business to one’s advantage and transform a loss situation into an opportunity to relaunch in one’s favor.

At the end of the investigation, the agency will draw up a detailed technical report providing a description of the service performed


Certified Agency for Quality System Management (ISO 9001) and Information Security Management (ISO 27001)

Investigative License Protocol Nr. 46633 / Area | TER O.S.P. Issued by the Prefecture of Rome

VAT Number: IT15137521009



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