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Our photographic and video evidences supports the cases of separation in court with a charge of responsibility by the unfaithful spouse


Argo Investigations specialist divorce and child custody investigators will help minimise the damage when you’re filing for divorce, especially when there are children involved.


Argo Investigations offers comprehensive background checks which provide invaluable information about a person’s background. Conducting a background check is a simple way to verify information about the person you’re dealing with.

Argo Investigations Agency London, offers a wide range of services for individuals, offering complete and professional help in all circumstances. From defensive investigations to pre-marital investigations, up to inheritance issues, succession and family mediation, the agency will be able to handle each task with the utmost delicacy, providing a staff of experts with proven experience in the sector.

Child Safety

All Seeing Surveillance has various investigative options available to help you understand the current welfare and lifestyle of your children who may be living full-time or temporarily with someone else as part of a court order.

Divorce Investigations

Divorce and child custody cases involve allegations from both parties. Hiring a specialist investigator who is trained to compile crucial evidence will help tilt the balance in your direction.

Matrimonial and Infidelity Investigations

Discreet investigations tailored to your case requirements is vital to learning the truth about your marriage and relationships. We can get you answers.

Proving Cohabitation

Proving cohabitation is extremely difficult as many people find themselves in a situation where the other partner claims that someone may have been staying short-term, but they do not live or contribute to the property financially.

Background Check Investigations

It’s crucial to stay safe, which is why our Private Investigators are dedicated to providing background services to the public, at an affordable price.

Pre-Marital Background Check

A private pre-marital Background Check Investigation is a professional service carried out by our Detectives to ensure you have all the information needed to safely join each other in matrimony.

Nanny Background Check

It’s not uncommon to be concerned when bringing in a new Nanny to the family, especially when it means your child will be their responsibility throughout the day.

Cheating Spouse Surveillance

It is not uncommon to have suspicions that your partner or spouse is cheating on you. All Seeing Surveillance strive to conduct Surveillance which provide you with definite answers so that your concerns cannot be disputed.

Child Safety Surveillance

Argo Investigations has implemented covert surveillance techniques for families leaving their children in the care of nanny’s or babysitters. Surveillance gives you peace of mind that your nanny has your children’s best interests and welfare as much a priority as you do.

Asset Tracking

Our asset tracking services can also be used to help private individuals understand the wealth of another individual entirely. Perhaps during divorce proceedings, you may wish to use asset tracing to provide you with a crystal-clear understanding of your former partner’s assets before you agree to a legally binding financial agreement.

Counter Surveillance

Our Counter Surveillance investigators conduct physical searches of properties removing potential leak threats. After this to confirm removal of covert recording devices we use our surveillance detection equipment to find hidden devices within a property.

Farm Surveillance

Farmers are dealing with increasing levels of damage & theft to their land. As farms are spread over large pieces of open land, it’s difficult to wire in CCTV to monitor activity when you are not around.


stalkers can be a seriously disturbed and dangerous person, capable of compromising the real development of daily life to the person who suffers it. It is important not to underestimate the problem and to intervene as soon as possible in the event of stalking to put an end to persecutory and violent behavior, given that the acquisition of evidence is essential in order to arrive at a just sentence. Ex Police Officers by Argo Investigations will know how to deal with such a serious and complex problem as stalking.


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Bug Sweeping

If you suspect someone might have hidden a listening device in your home, conducting a bug sweep is a good idea.

Our experts in Surveillance Technology will search your home for any devices, discreetly & respectfully without damaging any possessions.

Certified Agency for Quality System Management (ISO 9001) and Information Security Management (ISO 27001)

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