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Argo is a Multi Awarded Private Investigation Agency operating throughout London, Milan, Rome and Worldwide, fully licensed by the Government, certified for Quality System Management (ISO 9001) and for Information Security (ISO 27001) founded in 1989 by four Army & Police Officers.

Although they still are the Leading Investigators, today the company is composed by a team of Male and Female Private Investigators and Detective carefully selected with tests designed to evaluate specific characteristics essential to carry out the profession ensuring high performance. There are very few situations that we haven’t seen before.

Argo Investigations is a member of the most authoritative historical associations in the sector both nationally and internationally, furthermore the acquisition of the most innovative certifications in Investigation Sciences and the huge investments made in the Research and Development sector contribute to the success of our investigation Agency



After a preliminary meeting with the client, the professionals of the Argo detective agency develop, in the shortest possible time, the investigative project that explains in a clear and detailed manner the strategy, techniques and operational methods of the investigation.

The development of the investigative project also makes it possible to illustrate the costs of the service to the client, without having to request additional sums of money after signing the mandate.

The team of the detective agency is constantly in contact with the client during every phase of the investigation, informing him of the partial outcome of the investigative work, from the beginning to its conclusion. The client will have as a point of reference, throughout the course of the investigation, the figure of a junior manager with the task of informing him, updating him and promoting his requests or renewed needs at the detective agency.


Professionalism, multitasking, constant updating: for the Argo Investigations competence means all this but even more; means a team of professionals with different profiles, able to face ever new and complex situations efficiently and effectively.

Argo professionals must pass a strict selection to become part of the team; the candidate undergoes numerous tests to assess his degree of preparation and his aptitudes. The recruiting process is therefore a fundamental factor for the Argo investigations and for its quality standards.

A continuous training course is provided for the team members because, in order to always operate at their best in all phases of the investigation, constant updating is necessary from all points of view: investigations, legal, technological, psychological, economics


Argo investigations operates in full law, being duly authorized with a license issued by the Prefecture of Rome, as required by current legislation. Those who choose the Argo detective agency know, therefore, that they can rely on a team of competent professionals who operate in full compliance with the law and who conduct the investigation in full lawfulness.

Choosing a regularly authorized investigative agency and refusing, therefore, irregular and illegal services are important guarantees for the client who in this way:

it is certain not to violate the laws in force;
has the certainty that the investigative report and the evidence regularly collected during the investigation can be used in court.


Maximum confidentiality in conducting investigations and managing customer information: confidentiality is one of the pillars of the Argo investigation agency, a matter of professional ethics but also of compliance with current legislation on privacy and the processing of sensitive data.

And precisely for greater protection of customers and their sensitive data, the investigative agency has developed an internal model to safeguard the dissemination of sensitive data in the transmission chain between the various professional figures of the agency. Guidelines studied and developed ad hoc by his own D.P.O (Data Protection Officer or Data Protection Officer), a professional figure recently introduced by the new European regulation on the protection of personal data.

The processing of sensitive data and information is, in fact, supervised by the D.P.O. so that the customer is fully guaranteed discretion and confidentiality, eliminating any probability of data leakage.

We specify that sensitive data relating to investigative services will be processed no later than the end of the investigation and will then be eliminated through “wiping” procedures.



Employee time theft may seem frivolous, but the cost to a business can be incredible. Specialist investigations can detect the process, people and reason behind your employee’s increased time mismanagement.


Cyber ​​Security, Intelligence and Cyber ​​Investigation Specialists

We know Hackers’ Weaknesses and how to Prevent and Eliminate their Threats


If you suspect your employees are not genuine with their sick leave absences, your business is wasting money. Our private investigation can give you the evidence you need to dismiss your employee.


Marital infidelity, which materializes through betrayal, can be a just reason to request separation between spouses, whenever the uncovered infidelity makes the continuation of cohabitation and marriage intolerable for the other spouse.


Argo Investigations has implemented covert surveillance techniques for families leaving their children in the care of nanny’s or babysitters. Surveillance gives you peace of mind that your nanny has your children’s best interests and welfare as much a priority as you do.


bugs sweeping is essential in order to protect personal or company informations from espionage.


The purpose of due diligence is to ascertain whether there are critical elements that could compromise the successful outcome of a negotiation. It is therefore an investigative activity aimed at understanding the convenience of the planned deal, the structure of the most suitable operation, the elements useful for defining the price, guarantees and contractual conditions to be provided.


Our team is able to provide you with a valuable contribution regarding the identification of evidence that may prove useful in court.

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