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Argo Cyber Security London helps your company protect itself from unauthorized access to your databases and uncover any bugs in the security system of your IT infrastructure.

Cyber Security, nowadays, has a prominent place. The rapid evolution of technologies had a profound impact on our society and our lives. The presence of wireless networks that can be accessed virtually anywhere has encouraged the widespread spread of devices that can connect to the network: from tablets to mobile phones to the latest wearable devices (that is traditional objects such as the watch or glasses that can connect to the web).

By connecting to the network, in addition to allowing access to a huge amount of information and opportunities, makes the devices potentially vulnerable, with everything they contain, from personal data, profiles on social networks, up to access to online banking services. This is the case both for individuals and companies using the network to exchange information, organize the provision of services and coordinate activities.

This dangerous activity must not be underestimated. The vulnerability of computer systems allows you to access in a few seconds to industrial secrets, patents and innovations that have required years of research. Cybercrime can cause enormous economic damage until companies go bankrupt.

Cyber crime igows at a frightening rate. In the first six months of 2020, it increased by 30%, becoming the cause of 66% of serious cyber attacks. All of us are exposed to the risk of intrusions that can have devastating effects on the personal life and/or economic life of nations. So these are real dangers that can no longer be underestimated. Developing new capabilities and tools to improve the cyber security system of companies is therefore a challenge of great importance for the growth, well-being and security of all citizens.

The term cyber security therefore means that branch of computer science that deals with the analysis of threats, vulnerabilities and risk

The risk of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks that exploit infrastructure and application vulnerabilities must therefore be addressed in a structured and effective way. As data protection and the guarantee of continuity of IT systems is a necessary point for companies, it becomes crucial for the companies themselves, Use constantly updated professionals to build a robust Risk Management strategy in the working environment. To do this, companies must invest resources in the so-called Security Auditing (i.e. that branch of cyber security that deals with the security control of computer systems).

We can then define Security Auditing that set of technical-operational interventions aimed at analyzing the degree of security and reliability of a corporate network and to build a real and detailed picture of its level of protection and then place it in security. Such interventions will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations.
The experts of the investigative agency will proceed to make the computer system secure through two main types of activities: Vulnerability assessment and Penetration test.

Vulnerability Assessment Investigation is used to designate those activities that involve the execution of automated and semi-automated scans, in order to detect the effectiveness of security systems, identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities within the analyzed IT infrastructure. These activities for the security of networks and business data, offer an assessment of the risks to which the structure is exposed in particular this procedure allows to obtain a list of vulnerabilities more immediately identifiable (software vulnerabilities, default passwords, etc.) in order to remedy them by prioritising them and structuring corrective interventions in a relatively short time unit.

Summing up, therefore, the Vulnerability Assessment Investigation is an activity that analyzes the security status of the customer’s computer systems to identify the weaknesses (potential inputs for intruders) present in the company’s IT infrastructure.

The Penetration Test allows, instead, to know how the company’s infrastructure has been violated, in order to remedy it by acting on all the components exploited by the attacker (networks, systems, applications, people, processes, physical locations, etc.) Through reproductions, simulate the attacks suffered by the damaged thus testing their own structure to strengthen it, preventing further similar attacks in the future. It’s then the next step to Vulnerability Assessment and involves the simulation of real attempts

Vulnerability Assessment & The Penetration Test, therefore, contribute, each in its own measure, to outline a picture of the real state of security when specific tests are carried out in the following areas: Network/Infrastructure: Wired, wireless, server and endpoint security level verification in accordance with ISECOM’s OSSTMM methodology, Application (Verification of the security level of business applications in accordance with the established methodology in the international scientific community and summarised within the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)),

Endpoint Protection Assessment: Verify the effectiveness of endpoint protection systems through custom tests for your business infrastructure

Task of a capable Security Advisory Company, professional, with reputation and with excellent references as the investigative agency Argo, is to be able to detect the correct status of the customer’s IT infrastructure and to lead him to adopt a process that will enable him to have a safe and efficient structure over time, drawing maximum benefit from the available tools. Argo Investigation Agency London helps your company protect itself from unauthorized access to your databases and uncover any flaws in the security system of your IT infrastructure.

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