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Legal Investigations


Private Investigator assumed an increasingly decisive role within the procedural landscape.


Our experience in labor law investigations has led the Argo Investigation agency to develop and consolidate partnerships with the most prestigious lawyers.


Argo Investigations Agency makes its professionalism and experience available to lawyers specializing in family law and in recovering a credit from an insolvent debtor.



Using combinations of open source intelligence (OSInt) research, technology, human resources (HUMInt) and forensic investigation, alongside more traditional detective techniques and responsive insight, Argo Investigations strive to provide structured support to improve crises and complex situations with sensitivity and legal compliance.


In a typically accusatory criminal trial system, the formation of evidence takes place publicly and in contradiction between the parties who are on an equal footing before a third and impartial judge.

This context has allowed Argo Investigations to develop a precise investigative experience necessary to collaborate with law firms in the preventive and trial phases.
What is essential for a successful defensive strategy to make use of the support of a staff of investigators who carry out research and collection of relevant and admissible evidence in court



Private investigator identifies and collects evidence in cases of:

• Marital Infidelity;
• Determination or revision of the maintenance allowance;
• Child Custody.

Argo, Furthermore, provides investigative property investigations aimed at identifying any conduct that does not comply with the relationship of trust between future spouses.

At the end of the investigation, a detailed technical report will be drawn up, completed by photo and video evidences, which can be used in court.


A team of expert investigators will analyze any issue, will outline a strategy aimed at identifying any fraudulent behavior of employees that can, in addition to irreversibly compromise the fiduciary bond at the basis of the employment relationship, cause serious damage to the company.

Argo provides investigations 100% confidential on:

• False sick leave or simulated injury;
• Company Thefts;
• Violation of the Non-Competition Agreement;
• Aliunde Perceptum.

At the end of the investigation, a report will be issued with every evidence that can be used in court.


The investigation for credit recovery aims to provide information on all the assets of the defaulting party. By doing so you will have a specific picture of the patrimonial situation of a subject and his assets, which can be enforced or attacked, in order to then carry out or not the appropriate legal actions.

Asset and financial investigations are necessary when the aim is to get to know the financial strength and actual financial capacity of a subject (natural and / or legal person).

Through these investigations, in essence, it is possible to obtain a clear and precise picture about the real equity and financial situation of a subject of interest (real estate and movable property, income position, possible presence of protests, bankruptcies, mortgages, foreclosures, seizures, slopes, etc.).

Through this kind of investigation it is therefore possible to verify not only the heading of certain assets to a subject, but also and above all if these assets are free from constraints, such as those seen above.

An investigation of this type would make it possible to evaluate the prior and effective convenience of concluding a deal to avoid the danger of falling into scams or just simply to have the economic security of the same. Not doing so would mean accepting to take the risk of acting without being previously and adequately informed about the real solidity and solvency of the person with whom the deal is being concluded, thus wasting time but above all money. Relying on an investigation of this type would therefore mean avoiding taking annoying debt recovery legal actions after the deal has been concluded, which are expensive and require not short times.

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