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Corporate Investigations


Employee vehicle & fleet tracking, fraudulent sick leave and detailed background checks. Our investigations for employers help you keep control of growing workforces and minimise risky business activities.


Illegal subletting to tenant background checks. Private investigations for independent landlords or housing associations are comprehensive, detailed and crucial in today’s modern housing market.


Argo Investigations are global leaders in compiling high quality, in-depth due diligence reports for mergers and acquisitions, asset and debtor tracing, fraud prevention and pre-employment checks when hiring key employees.

Corporate Client Services

From workplace theft and false sick leave to background checks and illegal subletting, business and asset investigations, financial misconduct, blackmail and extortion to investigative due diligence, cyber-crime, litigation support and surveillance activities we have a team of dedicated investigators ready for your business.

Housing Association Investigations

Social housing fraud is a growing problem in the UK. One that takes roofs off the heads of people that genuinely need the help. Investigating these issues is the only way to prevent social housing criminals profiting from property that does not belong to them.

Property Management Investigation

A landlord trying to control a property in the hands of unruly tenants face lengthy court battles trying to secure what is owed to them. Our expert investigators get to the bottom of anti-social behaviour complaints, overcrowded properties and sudden damage to your belongings inside the home.

Prove Illegal Subletting

If a tenant breaches a tenancy clause preventing subletting, then a landlord has every right to evict them. Our investigations gather the evidence necessary to be able to do so.

Due Diligence

The purpose of due diligence is to ascertain whether there are critical elements that could compromise the successful outcome of a negotiation. It is therefore an investigative activity aimed at understanding the convenience of the planned deal, the structure of the most suitable operation, the elements useful for defining the price, guarantees and contractual conditions to be provided.

Employee Background Check

A background check or screening is essential for businesses hiring employees that are going to be responsible for large numbers of people, budgets & cash

Tenant Background Check

Today more than ever verifying the identity and financial standing of potential tenants is crucial for beginning a good relationship with those you choose to let your home too. Our UK investigators can delve into a new tenants history, criminal activity and employment references.

Undercover Worker Service

Undercover operations are necessary for workplace environments with multiple departments or divisions between managerial levels and floor employees figuring out what is happening within their business atmosphere.

Investigating False Sick Leave

If you suspect your employees are not genuine with their sick leave absences, your business is wasting money. Our private investigation can give you the evidence you need to dismiss your employee.

Investigate Workplace Theft

Investigating theft within the workplace gives you crucial evidence to dismiss the person(s) responsible and prevent it happening again.

Employee Time Theft

Employee time theft may seem frivolous, but the cost to a business can be incredible. Specialist investigations can detect the process, people and reason behind your employee’s increased time mismanagement.

Process Serving

Whether you require essential documents to be delivered securely, you need assistance tracking a recipient or you need assistance with both. Our Process Serving department successfully hand-delivers important paperwork and provides evidence that they received it.

Bug Sweeping

All Seeing Surveillance provides bug sweeping services for corporate and private individuals.
All our investigations and surveillance activities are discreet and 100% confidential. If you suspect that you are being monitored without your permission, our investigators can assist you in sweeping your belongings and property for audio recording equipment.

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