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Investigations for Employers

Investigations for Employers London & UK

Do you need help confirming the legitimacy of a business partner or your employees? If you are looking for a company that specializes in corporate and business investigations, you have come to the right place. Argo Investigations London is an expert in this field and can uncover wrongdoing committed by third parties, employees, and management teams.

Our business services include:

  • Asset Investigations – With the increasing secrecy and distrust in the modern world, we can help you discover any hidden assets and/or funds of the individual with whom you are entering into a professional or personal relationship.

    Housing Association Investigations: Social housing fraud is a growing problem in the UK. One that takes roofs off the heads of people that genuinely need the help. Investigating these issues is the only way to prevent social housing criminals profiting from property that does not belong to them.

  • Prove Illegal Subletting: If a tenant breaches a tenancy clause preventing subletting, then a landlord has every right to evict them. Our investigations gather the evidence necessary to be able to do so.
  • Investigating False Sick Leave: you suspect your employees are not genuine with their sick leave absences, your business is wasting money. Our private investigation can give you the evidence you need to dismiss your employee.

  • Investigate Workplace Theft: Investigating theft within the workplace gives you crucial evidence to dismiss the person(s) responsible and prevent it happening again.

  • Employee time theft: it may seem frivolous, but the cost to a business can be incredible. Specialist investigations can detect the process, people and reason behind your employee’s increased time mismanagement.

  • Business Surveillance – With help from covert surveillance equipment, we can safeguard your business from any unethical or illegal activity. We can do so with absolutely no disruption to your daily duties and occupations
  • Espionage & Bug Sweeps – You never know that your office was digitally infiltrated by outsiders until your confidentiality has been compromised. We can prevent that from happening by discovering and eliminating hidden surveillance devices.
  • Fraud – Regardless of the type of fraud you may want to investigate, one of our private detectives will utilize covert techniques to uncover the truth behind alleged misconduct and other fraudulent activities.
  • Lie Detector Testing – When you are in the midst of a legal investigation, oftentimes the only way to obtain the truth is through a lie detector test. We can help you administer the test in an efficient and professional manner.
  • Mystery Shopper – One of the most difficult things to prove is whether your customers or clients are treated properly by your employees. We can pose as a customer and investigate the unethical activity that you suspect.
  • Missing Persons – The only thing worse than losing a loved one is losing them through an unexplained disappearance or abduction. We can discover what truly happened to the person and return them home quickly and safely.



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