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Investigation Planning


Through a free preliminary meeting will have a first evaluation of the information collected and an analysis of the information examined , then we can start to draw up a plan Detective , which provides operational investigative activity with the collection of evidence . The survey ends with the preparation of an investigative report that can be used in court .

We summarize in the table below the investigation planning

Free initial consultation

Our team, comprising experts in the investigative, legal and psychological fields, and are always ready to consider your requests with empathy and complete confidentiality. In fact, our extensive professional experience, built up since 1989, gives us advantages in all the skills required by a private investigator.


Information collection evaluation

you will be welcomed in an atmosphere of serenity and professionalism as our industry experts work with you to evaluate how to best meet your requirements.

Evidence collection

this is one of the most sensitive phases of the investigation and will therefore be analysed to the very last detail to allow us to collect evidence that is valid in court.

Investigative Report

at the end of the work we will provide a detailed report of the work done with photographic and video material that can be used in court.

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