In the historic headquarters in Rome and in the new one, in the heart of London, Argo investigations Agency wanted to create a team of professionals with multidisciplinary skills, who follow each case assigned to them with tenacity, passion and a strong sense of responsibility.

As stated by the CEO of Argo, Dr. Matteo Adjimi: “We are witnessing a clear evolution in the figure of the private investigator, therefore since my arrival I have set myself the goal of not limiting myself to a monocular vision but to frame every investigation from multiple points of view, in order to offer a superior service to our customers. Each collaborator represents a point of reference for the others and the knowledge of each of us is enriched by the mutual exchange of experiences. ”

Argo agency is divided into seven areas that collaborate with each other and are coordinated by the Investigation Department.

Investigations Department

It’s a vital area for the good performance of investigations. It handles relations with customers, evaluates and collects information data, implements the planning of the investigative project and its management in a coordinated form between the various divisions, monitors the activities carried out and examines the evidence collected, at the end draws up the report that can be used in court .

Investigative Psychological

Argo introduced in its team professionals from the field of investigative psychology who offer a precious contribution, for example in the planning phase of the investigative strategy, in the drafting of the personality profiles of the subjects in focus, they support the analysts of the Open Sources.

Technical Department

Specializes in the installation of hidden cameras, satellite trackers and performs environmental remediation aimed at identifying audio and / or video bugs. He is also responsible for the Research and Development sector which allows Argo to acquire new knowledge and skills to improve the services offered and develop new ones.

Operational Department

made up of our investigative collaborators who work every day on the road, they are the eyes and ears of the agency. They are entrusted with the task of stealing any useful information for the purpose of the investigation and creating photographic, video and audio material that will integrate the final report to be presented in court.

Forensinc Accounting

The division is made up of fraud auditors and forensic accountants who carry out an accounting and financial investigative activity in favor of companies and companies that are faced with ambiguous situations, anomalous transactions or fraudulent phenomena. Carrying out preventive actions allows you to highlight any warning signs that could be the warning of fraud that has not yet emerged.

Legal Department

In order to ensure the acquisition of evidence appropriate to the specific case, in accordance with the current regulatory framework, Argo employs a team of consultants with many years of experience in the legal investigative sector.

Criminology and Criminalistics

Our criminologists and criminalists have an excellent command of investigative techniques and scientific investigation methodologies. Understanding the manifestations of the criminal phenomenon in its criminogenesis (how it was born) and in its criminodynamics (the reasons for which that type of conduct was chosen) represents a valid support for lawyers in the trial strategy.

Computer Forensics

The team is made up of IT consultants who have the task of identifying, acquiring, analyzing data and chronologically reconstructing the activities performed by means of the device under examination. These activities are carried out for evidential purposes under criminal or civil procedural law.

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