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Criminal & Legal Investigations


Criminal Defence can be a minefield, if you or a loved one has been wrongly accused of a crime, or had a false accusation made against you, it can be a stressful and traumatic time.


Argo Investigations and our IT consultants tem, using the most innovative instruments in the IT / digital technology, is a guarantee for all IT investigations.


Our forensics technical consultants can carry out or verify the technical and laboratory assessments on biological finds.

Forensic & Legal Investigations

Using combinations of open source intelligence (OSInt) research, technology, human resources (HUMInt) and forensic investigation, alongside more traditional detective techniques and responsive insight, Argo Investigations strive to provide structured support to improve crises and complex situations with sensitivity and legal compliance.


Argo provides a range of criminal defence services to help you fight civil or criminal charges. We have a team of highly experienced private detectives with the skills and ability to go beyond the reach of your legal representative to uncover evidence that can prove pivotal to your case.

Facing criminal or civil charges often feels like an insurmountable task. The prosecution team has the support of the police, CPS, witnesses and other agencies all working together to prove your guilt. That’s a lot of people and resources working against you.

Our private detectives have the skills and resources to uncover new evidence that could prove vital to your case. They are also experts at tracing and establishing contact of possible new witnesses to assist with your defence.


Graphological appraisal is requested by private individuals, lawyers, in civil proceedings to establish the authorship, authenticity or counterfeiting of signatures, private deeds, initials, anonymous letters and in criminal proceedings in those cases in which the writing is used for the purpose of commit a crime for which it is required to identify the author of a writing


Digital forensics is a process aimed at “controlled manipulation” and more generally at the processing of data and / or information for investigative purposes by adopting technical-investigative procedures aimed at providing adequate guarantees in terms of integrity, “authenticity” and availability of information and data. This science, also called forensic computer science, cannot limit its range of action only to investigations relating to the so-called computer crimes.


Ballistics Forensic is the science that deals with the reconstruction of the facts relating to a crime in which a firearm was used, studying the latter, the motion of the bullets and the effects of these when they impact the target. In the forensic field, the term “ballistic investigation” refers to that complex of technical examinations relating to firearms or to findings directly related to their use.

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